lunedì, maggio 07, 2007

Aggiornamento firmware telefono

Giusto oggi ho deciso di aggiornare il mio nok** 6233, dalla versione firmware 3.70 alla 5.10.
Queste le modifiche :

Changes/improvements made from MCU SW version 3.70 to version 4.52:
- Call and network management
- Making a voice call when using the speed dial improved
- The redial function improved when making a video call to non 3G
- Timing of displaying the number after the call is answered improved
- Functioning of DTMF tones improved
- Connectivity
- Displaying the note when a OMA download fails improved
- Video streaming improved
- Disappearing HomeZone indication during browsing in Internet optimized
- For SVG images Unicode support improved
- Displaying background pictures when editing MMS's improved
- Functioning of the device when trying to stream audio in an unsupported
frequency improved

Changes/improvements made from MCU SW version 4.91 to version 5.10:

- Messaging
- The email address length value has been optimized
- Sending and receiving MMS improved
- Improved downloading of SMIL info
- AM or PM added if 12-hour time format is used in Message details
- Browser
- Improved downloading with Opera browser
- Browser functionality improved when Hebrew language used
- Downloading Java games improved
- Browser bookmarks updated in German menu
- HTTP Loader Context creation improved
- Bluetooth/IRDA
- Improved transfer of DRM SD protected content
- UAProfile updated
- Font size setting option available in all variants
- Echo cancellation improved when CK-7W hands free used
- Dictionary application available in all variants
- Video streaming improved
- Downloading of 3GP file improved
- Improved support for AMR file with Media Player
- IMSI detach sent to network when powering off due to low battery
- Operator name list updated

Grazie ai vari forum per queste indicazioni (

io cmq al momento grosse differenze non ne ho proprio viste


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